How can I create a resource using other editors?

There are a range of editors you can use to create a learning resource; below are some instructions and links to more information.


RELOAD is a project funded under the JISC Exchange for Learning Programme (X4L). The project focuses on the development of tools that are based on emerging learning technology interoperability specifications and includes; RELOAD Content Package and Metadata Editor, and SCORM Player as well as the Learning Design Editor and Player.

[RELOAD Classic Editor](


Glo-Maker has been developed by the RLO-Cetl as a method of quickly and easily creating reuseable learning objects on the fly. Its a standalone application that unfortunately only runs on Windows platforms. It has a number of templates which can be used to create a comprehensive learning object. It also uses a planner which allows the planning of lessons before the design of the content actually begins. Click here or on the logo above to get the latest version of [GLO Maker](


MrCute is an acronym for Moodle Repository Create Upload Tag Embed, and is intended as an optional Moodle module and block which allow direct and straightforward access to instititutional and other repositories of online learning materials.

MrCute has been funded by JISC and is a project of Worcester College of Technology and Learning Objectivity. They are working in cooperation with Jorum (the UK National FE/HE Learning Materials Repository).

Click here or on the logo above to link to the [Mr Cute]( website.


Xerte is a suite of tools for the rapid development of interactive learning content. In developing Xerte we have sought to make it very easy to perform simple, common tasks, yet possible to create rich, sophisticated interactivity.

Xerte provides a visual, icon-based authoring environment that allows learning objects to be easily created with the minimum of scripting. Functionality that would be time-consuming to develop from scratch in other tools can be created very quickly in Xerte.

To download the latest version of [Xerte](, or to get additional information, click here or on the logo above.