How do I search for Resources in Jorum?

Basic Searches:

Searching and browsing for resources in Jorum is easy. When you first open the Jorum Webpage there is a large search box. Just type in your search term and a list of any resources matching your search criteria will be displayed.


Once you have completed one search, you don’t need to go back to the main screen to search again – a search box is available at the top of the list of results. search2

Advanced Searches:

The Jorum search facility operates in the same way as most search engines. Searching for a word or phrase will search for the instances of that word in all the resources within the Jorum repository. For example:

If you search for UKOER History, this will search for any resources which contain the term UKOER or History in the metadata.

However, if you only want the resources that contain both words, simply use the AND function. For example:

A search for UKOER AND History will only return resources which contain both of your search terms. (This can be refined even more by adding an additional keyword, for example UKOER AND History AND Economics).

Using quotation marks is also a valuable asset:

If you use quotation marks and search for Economic Thought, this will only return resources which contain this specific phrase.

It should also be noted that the Jorum search is not case sensitive.