How do I set up RSS feeds for alert notifications?


RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. You can set up RSS feeds to be alerted when a new resource is added to a particular subject area or collection. The main advantage of this is that you don’t have to keep revisiting Jorum to find out if there is something new you might be interested in to check for new resource deposits.

If you’re a current user of an RSS Reader then follow the below steps. If the idea of receiving updates when new content is added to Jorum does appeal to you but you don’t currently use an RSS reader please see the end of this document for some suggestions on different applications you can use.


Already use RSS? Follow this:

  • Find the RSS Feed that you want to receive an update from. You can see what feeds we offer by looking at this page.
  • Copy the Feed address you want, e.g. for FE- Arts & Crafts: (Note: The method for doing this will differ depending on what platform/browser you are using. In general, on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux you can right click on the link and choose ‘copy link address’ (Chrome) or ‘copy link location’ (Firefox) from the menu. On Android devices (phones & tablets) and on iPhones and iPads, long press on the link and press ‘copy link url’ on the menu that appears.)
  • Open your RSS Feed Reader application and use the option to add new feed to add this RSS feed information, using the link information you have copied in the above step when it asks you for the address. (Due to the large amount of RSS Readers out there we can’t guide you through exactly how to add the feed to your reader as it will vary from application to application. Please consult the website/help for that application if you are struggling).
  • You can repeat this for as many Jorum RSS feeds as you wish.

You could also use one of these RSS feed links to display a feed from Jorum on your website or blog, or in a VLE such as Moodle, please consult your VLE Administrator to get this set up.

If you’re not currently using an RSS Reader then these are some of the popular choices:

Feedly (web based/iOS/Android/Kindle)

NewsBlur (web based/iOS/Android)

Phonly (Windows Phone)

NetNewsWire (Mac OS X)

Liferea (Linux)

FeedDemon (Windows 7 or 8)