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September's Featured Resources

Posted by Pete Collins on 1st September 2014

As we're now firmly part of the Digital Resources Division at Jisc, this months resources are all deposits from Jisc departments, or have been funded by Jisc initiatives, such as the UKOER programme.

Here's a quick run through of what we've got for you this month...

Copyright Training for University Lecturers

First up this month is Copyright training for University Lecturers. This is a very useful short practical online course produced by the Jisc Legal team, designed to bring academic staff and those supporting academic staff up to speed on legally using other people’s materials in teaching and learning. There's also a quiz so you can test your copyright knowledge.

Copyright training for university lecturers video still


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It's all about Mimas in this month's featured resources

Posted by Louise Egan on 14th August 2014

It has been a busy time for staff at Mimas as we have now moved into the Jisc family. As of the 1st August, the Learning, Teaching and Professional team will form part of the Digital Resources Division at Jisc.

Therefore as a small tribute, Mimas staff has shared all this month’s featured resources.

Fabulous Frog App: Splendid and Native

The first is our latest offering: Fabulous Frog App: Splendid and Native. This resource developed by a mix team of AR and developer experts at Mimas, along with a successful collaboration with Manchester Museum, we have been fortunate to gain access to some fantastic content to produce the app such as:

• Sir David Attenborough’s...

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Implementing the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) in Jorum

Posted by Benjamin Ryan on 7th July 2014

Jorum and the LRMI

Jorum was delighted to receive grant funding from Creative Commons to participate in the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) project. Across the last 10 months, in parallel with 8 other funded US organisations, Jorum has been developing and testing features which will enhance both the resource discovery system and interoperability of Jorum content.

First of all … What is LRMI?

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is an extension of that adds education-specific mark-up to the existing mark-up that defines. So what does do? Put simply it allows the addition of “structured data” to web pages that machines can...

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Annual User Survey - the results!

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 2nd June 2014


Jorum's first Annual User Survey ran during March and we received a good response - 80 in total from across HE and FE, and from different roles across the education sector. There were some very useful comments but Jorum was pleased that there weren't many surprises in the responses. The Jorum team already had a good idea of the areas we need to improve on and also some things that we are doing well, such as the ability to filter resources which came with new Jorum in September 2013. The survey has provided some user based evidence showing that the team are on the right track and can continue with it.

Key metrics

66% agree or strongly agree that 'Jorum is easy is easy to...

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Reflections on the OER14 Conference

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 15th May 2014

by Siobhán Burke, OER Service Manager

Last month, the Jorum Team attended OER 14 to deliver a number of sessions on different aspects of our work over the last year, and also keep up to date with OER developments happening both nationally and internationally. We also contributed to chairing sessions and Ben Ryan was on hand as technical support throughout the conference. As of last week, some of the team have earned their first Open Badge for speaking at the conference.

OER 14 Presenter Open Badge

Jorum Team presentations

Susanne Boyle chaired a session during OER 14 and delivered an oral paper addressing the new Jisc FE Skills Window Project. The oral paper was well attended and there were some interesting...

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