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OER Schools Guidance resources from Leicester City Council now available on Jorum

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 22nd January 2015

Last October, Leicester City Council released guidance documents and a range of practical information to support school staff in understanding, finding, creating, and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER). Jorum felt these would make a useful contribution to its collections so we got in touch with Josie Fraser to seek permission to share them with Jorum. We also sought permission to update them in order to make them more widely usable beyond the schools sector in Leicester.

Josie Fraser, who leads the technology strand of Leicester City Council’s Building Schools for the Future Programme and is also one of the keynote speakers at the OER15 conference this April taking place in...

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Call for Participants: Focus Group on Jorum and Mozilla Open Badges

Posted by Pete Collins on 21st January 2015

Jorum are currently investigating the implementation of Mozilla Open Badges toreward and encourage the depositing, repurposing and remixing of OERs.

The intention is to launch a pilot in June 2015, but ahead of that we want to run a focus group to engage with the OER community and discuss both the ideas that we have around the badges and the feedback you have and what you would like to see.

For the purpose of the focus group we'd like a representative group from the FE and Skills sector in the UK, to include different roles. We also hope it would be a good opportunity for participants to network and add to their own personal development.

You can read a bit more about Open Badges...

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Jorum at CoPilot event in Cardiff

Posted by Pete Collins on 27th November 2014

Siobhan Burke and Peter Collins were both in attendance at CoPilot comes to Cardiff on Monday 24th November and delivered a thirty minute session to the assembled delegates.

This gave Siobhan the chance to give some background about Jorum and the Information & Digital Literacy Skills collection, including the key benefits about what we offer. We also were able to show where Jorum sits within the wider Jisc structure.

Following this was Pete leading a quiz on Creative Commons licensing, which can be found as an OER within Jorum. This followed on nicely from Ella Mitchell's earlier session on “Things to consider if thinking of reusing an OER or creating an OER”. Pete also gave a...

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Jorum to benefit from new online interactive resources for the Skills sector

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 27th November 2014

Jorum will benefit from new online interactive resources for the Skills sector thanks to a Jisc initiative to develop new online interactive resources for apprentices in order to support the requirements of the FELTAG report.

As part of the initiative, Jorum participated in a workshop to support the project on Friday 21st November in London with all 22 successful project bids. It was an opportunity to present Jorum and demonstrate just how easy it is to share resources with Jorum and that metadata is really just common sense. There were other presentations on the day from fellow Jisc experts from Jisc Legal and Jisc Digital Media covering licencing and Creative Commons licences as well...

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Jorum - Upgraded to the Cloud and more

Posted by Pete Collins on 10th October 2014

The Jorum service upgraded its repository to the latest version of DSpace yesterday as well as migrating its services to a Cloud environment. You can read more about the reasons in our previous news item. The cloud environment will allow Jorum and other services at Mimas to gain the benefits of a more flexible way of managing the IT infrastructure that hosts these services and to make cost savings in the long term by reducing the need to purchase physical machines and pay for these machines to be hosted and supported.

The upgrade to DSpace 4 brings new features; the most significant of which is a complete re-write of the DSpace REST API that allows other software to retrieve information...

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