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Stats and Stories: Increase in Resource Viewing and the Jorum Competition

Posted by on 19th January 2012

Back in September, 2011, we held the Jorum Competition, culminating in the winners being announced at the gala dinner at the ALT-C conference. Earlier today, David Kernohan, attending the SCORE conference, asked if there had been any noted knock-on effect from the announcement regarding the competition and the award. The three winners were "Testing the Functional Integrity of Ocular Reflexes", "Citing the Law Tutorial", and "The Virtual Genetics Education Centre".

Using Google Analytics, I found an increase in views of all three resources from the announcement onward, with a spike on the day of the conference in each case. In the case of the winner, there was a doubling of views by the day of the conference, a 5 time increase for the 2nd place winner just before the conference, and for the third place, a similar increase. What is also notable is that after the conference, although the peaks remain modest, there is consistent viewing throughout, all the way to the end of October, and with the "Citing the Law Tutorial", all the way into the middle of December.

I think there are two very important things to illustrate here: the first is that these resources are excellent. They were, as our judges pointed out, well thought out, developed and presented. All three had the idea of usefulness and re-use clearly in the design, and they are all fantastic materials for teaching. In other words, the reasons that people are looking at them and hopefully using them is patently obvious: they're good! Secondly, the increase in views and then the consistency of their viewing emphasises one of the key purposes for Jorum: we don't just to store great stuff; we work with the teachers and learners to disseminate the content.

We remain committed to working on increasing content and doing more with the community of learners and teachers, as well as Institutions and Subject areas, but we think this correspondence between our competition and the viewing of the resources highlights the growth and value of Jorum as a national repository.

Thanks for asking the question, David!

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