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Collecting statistics just got a whole lot sweeter

Posted by Louise Egan on 29th June 2012

Statistics of color distribution

So you’ve shared your resources with Jorum, but what about understanding how they are used?

We are working on the answer to that very question by releasing the Jorum Dashboard Beta and would like your feedback on its usefulness.

**** Please note from August 2012 the Dashboard Beta will be unavailable while we develop our new dashboard. Please see our enhancements blog post for further information.****

The aim of this tool is to allow you to view and download statistics about uploads, downloads, views and licence types of resources in Jorum - all packaged in a more useful and attractive format.

The Jorum Dashboard Beta currently supports download of statistics in Excel / CSV and JSON formats, providing a number of ways you can store and share data.

For the techie developers amongst you, you can use the Dashboard API to call up the same statistics (see the Developer’s page for details.

However, there is a minor issue… the statistics you will see offered through this Dashboard are live from Jorum, but due to the statistics package being used with the current version of DSpace, there are some irregularities.

The current statistics package doesn't differentiate between resources viewed by people, and those carried out by bots and spiders trawling the Web, meaning that there are inaccuracies in the results.

Therefore, at this stage we have decided to release the Dashboard to the community to explore, test and provide feedback on its usefulness (not the statistics you see) over summer 2012.

Your thoughts and reviews will help us to create and release a Dashboard that will be available as part of the Jorum service when we move to DSpace 1.8. This version of DSpace incorporates a new statistics module, which will fix the current issues, meaning no results from pesky bots or spiders!

During the same period, we will be finishing off a new interface for Jorum, with an improved 'look and feel' and functionality. So, coupled with enhanced features, usable statistics and your input, this work will enable us to provide an enhanced Jorum.

So please don’t be shy, give us your feedback and ideas on how the Dashboard can be adapted to meet your needs.

Please use the comments here on this blog post, or our feedback form, or email us at:

Watch our blog and Twitter feed for updates!

Image: Statistics of color distribution, J.Coppolo on Flickr

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