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Video collections become learning communities at Blackburn University Centre

Posted by on 6th July 2012

Over 70 ‘how to’ videos covering a wide range of subjects have been added to Jorum thanks to Deborah Millar, the E-learning Manager at Blackburn College and University Centre.

Deborah is a great ‘e-enthusiast’, personable and technically-savvy, with a vision for educational OERs. She wanted learners to have some kind of dialogue with her video collections rather than settle for the traditional ‘send/receive’ broadcast model and so harnessed the social networking tools within Web2.0 to encourage a community of learning.

There are several software platforms that can offer such features, and in this case she went for vimeo. Learners at Blackburn University Centre can comment on each video and tag to online activity groups and forum threads. As Confucius apparently said, ‘I see I remember’ which I think is particularly relevant to video, and if the application tools allow learners to try the ideas for themselves and feed back on their experiences they might also ‘do and understand’.

I really like the sign rules video by Alexandra Shukie – a nice piece of constructed learning for people like me who have a modest mathematical ability, though if kinaesthetic learning is more your style try holistic arm massage by Jennifer Barnes

The Blackburn University Centre video collections are constantly growing and we look forward to including more OERs in the future. In the meantime you might like to explore for yourself at

Steve Smith

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