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Friday taster: New Jorum cometh

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 19th August 2013

You've been admiring our Beta site and awaiting reporting/analytics and REST API capabilities for some time. We are working hard and very excited to see New Jorum shaping up, so this is your taster to keep you going through the slow month of August. We'll be rolling out this new look-and-feel and new searching and reporting features in September, and the new REST API in October. Prudence and superstition prevent me from giving you a definitive release date, but keep an eye on our Twitter account, blog, and Jorum-Update email lists.

Jorum's new front page look-and-feel:

Jorum's new front page look-and-feel

Jorum's new deposit look-and-feel:

Jorum's new deposit look-and-feel

Jorum's new search / browse interface:

Jorum's new search and browse interface

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