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University of Leeds collaboration produces Jorum's first Open 'Window'

Posted by Siobhán Burke on 10th March 2014

Today sees the launch of the University of Leeds' Open Window - a collaboration between the University of Leeds and Jorum, which coincides with Open Education Week. It marks a turning point in Jorum's evolution and is a significant development for Jorum and Leeds alike, both in terms of their commitment to improving and enhancing the education landscape and to the open agenda.

Open Window homepage

What is the Window?

A Jorum Window is a customisable web interface to Jorum tailored to your community that allows your institution or organisation to showcase resources held in Jorum, alongside other resources you may wish to feature.

The Leeds Open Window supports them to deliver on their landmark policy on Open Educational Resources, the first of its kind in the UK HE sector, and is also an extension of the policy. The Open Window is an essential piece of digital infrastructure for the implementation of the Leeds policy on OER, and ultimately the digital learning strategy. The Window provides a reputable open space to share resources with the world whilst visibly contributing at the same time to the teaching community and resource collection of the faculties within Leeds.

“The Leeds Open Window represents Jorum’s commitment to serve Open Education by engaging with the needs and aspirations of HE institutions and educators.” - Antonio Martínez-Arboleda, Principal Teaching Fellow in Spanish at the University of Leeds and UoL Open Window Project Leader

How did this come about?

As well as offering the efficiency of a shared service for the Open Education community in the UK, the completion of the Window further demonstrates Jorum's ability to deliver bespoke services to institutions and organisations under our Jorum Powered offering. This new offer has been possible due to the experience and improvements gained through delivering new Jorum in September 2013. But it also builds on another significant Jorum development of this type which resulted in the creation of Re:Source; a shared service for the colleges sector in Scotland. The Window marks a delineation for Jorum as it demonstrates again the expertise and experience available within Mimas to co-design, develop and build services that are desirable for the education community; a way of working which aligns to how Jisc operates. Jorum is already using this experience to support and deliver on a new Jisc project - the Jisc FE and Skills Window project.

Collaborate with Jorum!

If you are interested in collaborating with Jorum, whether that be to discuss any of our Jorum Powered options or if you want to develop content with us, please do get in touch. Jorum is committed to serve and support the needs of the education community.

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