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Two new Jorum stories now available

24th April 2012

We now have two new user stories. The first is from Dr Luke Sloan, Lecturer in Quantitative Methods, Cardiff University.

He talks about his journey from initial reluctance in sharing resources, to understanding the importance of allowing others to learn from his knowledge, and using other resources to enhance his own teaching and learning...

  • DSpace
  • pedagogy
  • literacy
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New Jorum/OER Case Study by Nick Sheppard

20th April 2012

A recent blog post by Nick Sheppard (Repository news for Leeds Metropolitan University), talks about the importance of OER repositories and says...

"Jorum continues to be an important component of the institutional OER infrastructure and has the potential to increase the visibility of local repository content, by harvesting metadata into the...

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Piloting institutional and subject flavours of Jorum

19th April 2012

Nicola Siminson, Jorum's Community Engagement Officer, asks us to "Imagine a web page which could showcase users, resources, collections and widgets, and that was tailored to a particular institution or subject community." Read more about the work on the institutional and subject pilots at the The Jorum Blog.

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