Jorum Powered OER Solutions

Introducing Jorum Powered

Jorum Powered offers simple solutions for sharing, managing and promoting your Open Educational Resources (OER) – all supported, maintained and powered by Jorum. In essence, Jorum can help your community or organization to manage, share and promote its OER, minimizing the hassle and the cost to you, enabling you to focus on building your content and community. The Jorum ‘core offer’, which is free to all, enables users across the sector to find and share OER. On top of this ‘core offer’ institutions and communities can now select from a range of cost effective options, which enable you to customize the interface to meet the needs of your community, giving you time to focus on teaching and learning. We collectively call these offers Jorum Powered.


What is Jorum Powered?

Jorum Powered offers options to help you deliver a customised OER service to your user community. These are:

  • Jorum API and API Support – an opportunity to build your own
  • Jorum Window, tools or services, with support from the Jorum team
  • Jorum Sub-site – a fully hosted repository solution Jorum Window – a customizable web interface to Jorum

The first option offers support for building your own customized interface onto Jorum, and requires you to have technical expertise in-house. The Sub-site and Window options are fully managed and delivered by the Jorum team. All three options can include access to the existing Jorum collections. Click on the ‘In this section’ links to find out more about each option.


Jorum Window

A Jorum Window is a customizable web interface to Jorum tailored to your community. It is built using the Jorum API.

An exciting web interface (or portal) can be created that will showcase resources held in Jorum from your institution or subject community, alongside other resources you may wish to feature. The full power of discovery, preview and reporting using Jorum’s Web Application infrastructure can be customised and adapted to produce your own Window. For example, the browse/search options and look and feel can all be modified based on further discussion of requirements.

Key features include:

  • Choice of key terms (metadata) to facilitate discovery of resources by custom topics e.g breakdown by Faculty, School or department; or resource type.
  • Can include links and feeds from other relevant websites and/or repositories e.g. your organizational Twitter feed, or your local digital library.
  • Customized branding based on your own organization’s style.
  • Search can be limited to your own content or can include Jorum collections separately.
  • Usage data provided including views and downloads information available in multiple formats.

What our customers say…

“The Leeds Open Window represents Jorum’s commitment to serve Open Education by engaging with the needs and aspirations of HE institutions and educators.”

Antonio Martínez-Arboleda, Principal Teaching Fellow in Spanish at the University of Leeds

Read more in our blog post which describe the rationale behind Leeds’ decision to purchase a Jorum Window.

There are two live examples of Jorum Windows:



Jorum Sub-site

A Jorum Sub-site is a fully hosted repository solution built using Jorum’s repository software, which uses DSpace (version 4).

Key features include:

  • Communities and collections can be customised to your organization’s structures or interests.
  • Administration of and submission to the repository is within your control. Includes access controls via authentication to users, e.g. UK Access Management Federation (Shibboleth or Open Athens).
  • Customized branding based on your own organization’s style.
  • Discovery can be limited to your own content or include all Jorum’s collections.

Jorum Sub-site example

Re:Source is the new resource-sharing platform for the college sector in Scotland. On Friday 9th November 2012 a Jorum Powered sub-site, for the Scottish FE community’s open content was launched by the College Development Network. For further information on this partnership read our blog post.

What our customers say…

“The partnership with Jorum has enabled Scotland’s Colleges to re-develop and expand on our resource-sharing services for colleges at considerably less cost than it would have taken by other means and to benefit from the extensive experience that Jorum have in repositories for Education.”

Jackie Graham, Formerly Online Services Officer at the College Development Network



Jorum API and API Support

Build your own Jorum Window, tool or interface with support from the Jorum team. The Jorum API (application programming interface) can be used within your own web services, apps and tools to extract and expose content and data from Jorum. The API gives you access to Jorum metadata, content and usage data and is freely available to the community. It can enable your own technical team to develop a Window onto Jorum or other apps, tools or interfaces.The Jorum team can provide support with using our API for your technical team at whatever level you require.

Key Features:

How is this done technically? A Jorum API provides access to various data via RESTful API endpoints.

What our customers say about the Jorum API

“The new Jorum and its API is a ‘game changer’ for discovering and sharing OER at your institution. With a little technical know-how or with some bespoke support from the Jorum team, you can find and reuse a wealth of quality teaching and learning material from across UK, tailored to your individual requirements.”

Nick Sheppard, Repository Developer at Leeds Beckett University



Find out more

If you would like to find out more about any of our options, then we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Siobhán Burke

OER Service Manager