Introducing Jorum Powered

Jorum Powered offers simple solutions for publishing, promoting and managing your Open Educational Resources (OER) – all supported, maintained and powered by Jorum.

Jorum Powered

Jorum provides global access to an ever-growing collection of open educational resources (OER) across all subjects and levels relevant to UK post-16 education. The Jorum core offer is free to all, thanks to funding from Jisc, the UK’s expert on digital technology for education and research.

We have been working closely with our community to understand their requirements beyond those met by the Jorum core offer. Across the education sector there is a demand at a local level to manage, share or promote OER and Jorum has the capability to support these needs, using the existing Jorum infrastructure to create new services. In essence, we can help your community or organisation to manage, share and promote its OER, minimising the hassle and the cost to you, enabling you to focus on building your content and community.

Jorum Powered offers options to help you deliver a customised OER service to your user community. The first two options are fully managed and delivered by the Jorum team. The third option offers support for building your own customised interface onto Jorum, and requires you to have technical expertise in-house. All three options give you access to the existing Jorum collection.

The options are:

- A Jorum Sub-site: a fully hosted repository solution.
- A Jorum Window: a customisable web interface to Jorum, tailored to your community.
- The Jorum API and API support: an opportunity to build your own Jorum Window, tools or services, with support from the Jorum team.

Some lightweight options are also being scoped. These are likely to be an ‘out of the box’ Jorum Window and the opportunity to brand at a 'resource level' within Jorum. We will promote these as soon as they are available.