Our Brand

The Jorum Brand is unique and is used to create impact and tell the story of Jorum. It is to be applied to all Jorum communications, whether that be printed, online, exhibitions etc. The Brand is more than just a visual identity, but reflects our persona, values and core beliefs. Our identity is strong, reputable and recognisable. We therefore ask that you maintain the integrity of the logo and the Jorum name.


Promotional Materials

Jorum flyer

Below is the latest Jorum flyer which you can download and distribute.


Jorum A5 flyer_Nov14

If you require information or printed copies of our marketing materials, please contact


Jorum logo

Right click the logos below to save. The first logo is our preferred logo, and must not be used any smaller than 20mm x 20mm.
The second ‘Jorum word’ logo can be used where there is lack of space, or it fits better within the content. This logo must not be used any smaller than 30mm wide.




If you have any queries regarding the use of the Jorum logo, please contact us.